Woot.com offers refurb. 4GB Sansa Fuze for $33

Posted: 2283 days, 22 hours ago

Woot.com offers refurb. 4GB Sansa Fuze for $33
Today only at Woot.com customers can pick up a refurbished Sansa Fuze 4GB Media Player for only $32.99 plus $5 for shipping, which is the best price  we could find for this device by roughly $22. This MP3 player is available in red, black, or pink and sales tax is applied to orders made in Texas.
To ensure that your new portable music library is always available head over to sellout.woot.com to pick up a Belkin Sansa Charging Kit. The kit costs only $0.99 plus $5 for shipping and includes adapters for charging a Sansa through an AC wall outlet, car cigarette lighter, or powered USB port. If your music library exceeds 4GB, another option is the larger 30GB Microsoft Zune, still on sale at Buy.com for $109.99. For even more capacity,  the 120GB Microsoft Zune is available for $223.30 from Amazon.com.

Detailed Product Information

The refurbished Sansa Fuze digital media player features 4GB of flash memory for storing music or recorded voice, and comes with a 1.9-inch color display. It has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 14 hours and includes a microSDHC slot for adding additional memory. The device supports both Mac and PC platforms and features a built-in FM radio. Dimensions: 3.1 1.9 0.3 inches.

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