Western Digital 320GB USB Portable Hard Drive drops to $51

Western Digital 320GB USB Portable Hard Drive drops to $51

Ecost.com today has dropped the price of the Western Digital 320GB My Passport Essential USB Portable Hard Drive (model no. WDBAAA3200ABK) by 35%, turning its once $79.99 list price into the $51.99 sale price. With this drive users receive 256-bit hardware-based encryption for all their data, and can store everything from movies to music, images, or important files. Shipping rates for this deal start at $9.99 and sales tax applies for residents of California, Texas, and Tennessee.

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Buy.com has also dropped the price on a USB portable hard drive, the 2.5-inch Iomega eGo 320GB. This drive offers transfer speeds up to 480Mbps and access to the Iomega Protection Software Suite. It can be purchased today for only $64.99 and includes FREE delivery. Upgrade to the Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt 500GB USB Portable Hard Drive, which is currently on sale at Nextwarehouse.com for $94.09 and has FREE shipping included. Last on our list is the Seagate FreeAgent Go 640GB USB Portable Hard Drive; it’s dropped 21% in price and can now be purchased from Amazon.com for $119.

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