Webroot Spy Sweeper

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Webroot Spy Sweeper
Buy.com is offering Webroot Spy Sweeper (model no. 59411) for $29.99 which is $10 off the list price of $39.99 but until October 4th take advantage of two mail in rebate offers for a combine savings of $25. The first is for $10 off and is redeemable by anyone who purchases this product from Buy.com, the second is for $15 off and is a competitive/upgrade rebate offer. Shipping is FREE and sales tax applies for residents of New York and California.

Detailed Product Information

Webroot Spy Sweeper offers continuous monitoring, advanced detection and removal capabilities, automatic defense updates, and is Windows Vista compatible. It is designed for use on systems with Windows 2000 and above, 15MB of hard drive space and 256MB of RAM. It is good for use on up to three computers.

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