Tiger Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac, reduced to $16

Posted: 1850 days, 12 hours ago

Tiger Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac, reduced to $16

The Tiger Bluetooth Laser Mouse for Mac (model no. AMB08US) is available today as Macmall.com’s Deal of the Day, and priced at only $16.99. With this discount the mouse has dropped 76% off its $69.99 list price, and become the lowest cost around by about $7. Included with the mouse are dual programmable buttons, four-way touch scroll, integrated high-precision laser technology, and an ergonomic design for optimum comfort. Shipping rates for this deal start at $3.99, and sales tax applies for residents of California, Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

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In addition to the new mouse don’t forget to also pick up a new keyboard, such as the Goldtouch Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard for Mac, on sale this week at Buy.com and priced at only $100.99. Get two in one with the Lifeworks Technology iHome iConnect Media Keyboard and Wireless Laser Mouse, which was previously listed as $169.99 but is now available for $46.60 at Amazon.com. Another possible solution is the LifeWorks Notebook Keyboard and Mouse for Mac, priced at only $53.76 and located at Provantage.com.

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