The Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-ray, cut to $49

The Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-ray, cut to $49’s Golden Box Deal of the Day is the very popular Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-ray, which was originally priced at $129.95 but has been reduced today by up to 62%, and is now available for only $49.99. This $20 less than the next best price we have seen this movie collector for, and that’s with the FREE shipping included. For those of you who haven’t seen the Matrix, the movie is based off the concept of a world where machines have taken over and are now using human as fuel, by keeping their bodies in pods and their minds trapped in a computer simulation of how the world used to be. Shipping rates for this deal apply for residents of Kansas, Kentucky, New York, and Tennessee.

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One of the funnier movies available for Blu-ray, The Hangover, can be purchased today from for only $14.99, and has ground delivery priced at only $2.49. has a copy of Casino Royale on Blu-ray priced at only $15.86, and has shipping rates starting at only $0.97. Heading back to pick up the latest in the Batman movie series, The Dark Knight, which has gone from $24.98 down to $9.49 and is eligible for FREE Super Saving Shipping.

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