Save $260 on iPod video 5th gen.

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Save $260 on iPod video 5th gen.

This week is offering the refurbished 80GB iPod video 5th gen. (model no. MA450LL/A) for only $139.99, which is $260 off its list price of $399.99, and $30 less the next available iPod video we could find of the same model. FREE shipping is included and sales tax applies for residents of California and New York.

For a little extra upgrade to Apple’s refurbished 120GB iPod classic, available at for $199.99 with shipping rates starting at $1.99. Featuring the same sized display with equal resolution, main thing you’re paying extra for is the additional storage space, which allows for up-to 150 hours of video or 30,000 songs. Both devices share a five star rating from current or previous owners, and are well priced considering everything you can get out of them. However, if we’re going to kick it up a notch in the function and feature department we should turn to Apple’s 16GB iPod touch. Capable of doing everything seen in either the iPod video or Classic, this upgrade provides phone calling capabilities, a multi-touch screen for navigating or playing games, and Genius technology for simpler creation of playlists. Priced at $259, a refurbished model of the iPod touch is available at Apple’s online store with FREE shipping included. If your do find yourself leaning more towards the iPod touch, also has the 8GB iPod touch plus accessory kit on for $315.03 with shipping rates starting at $9.29.

Detailed Product Information

The refurbished iPod video 5th Generation features 80GB of memory for storing games, TV shows, up to 25,000 photos or 20,000 songs, or a maximum of 100 hours worth of video. Movies and games can be browsed and purchased through the iTunes store, and displayed on the iPods 2.5-inch color display with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution. Users can search for media on their iPod via its click wheel, or sync it to a computer using a USB cord. It is backed by Apple’s one-year warranty. Dimensions: (W) 2.4” x (H) 4.1” x (D) 0.55”.

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