iSkin three packs

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iSkin three packs has the iSkin Chill pack (light purple, blue, white) and the iSkin Cruise pack (dark purple, red, white) for the second generation iPod nano clearance priced at $4.99 per three pack. They are regularly priced at $29.99. Standard shipping starts at $4.99 and sales tax applies for residents in most states.

Detailed Product Information

The iSkin Chill pack and iSkin Cruise pack both contain three iSkins for the second generation iPod nano. The iSkin is a silicone external layer with antidust coating that provides shock-resistant surface protection and click wheel protection. A removable belt clip and screen cover is included. It is backed by a 90 day warranty from iSkin. Dimensions: height 3.7in., width 1.8in., depth 0.4in., weight 1.6oz.

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