Intuit QuickBooks 2010 for Mac, save $50

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Intuit QuickBooks 2010 for Mac, save $50's deal of the day for today is on Intuit QuickBooks 2010 for Mac (model no. 409578) which was priced at $199.95, but has been reduced to $189.99.  Also, for today only, they have cut an additional $40 off the price tag bringing the final price down to $149.99.  That's $10 less than the lowest price we have seen on this software anywhere else.  Shipping rates start at around $3 and vary by method of delivery.  Sales tax applies for residents of California, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

While Intuit QuickBooks 2010 boasts a vast array of features that claim to make managing your business easier, many reports from Amazon shine a less than favorable light on this software with reports of bugs, crashes and poor customer service.  Some current owners have opted to go with older software like Intuit Quicken 2007 for Mac, which carries a much lower price tag of $70.87 with FREE shipping at has Finance To Go software for only $44.95.  Track payments, create invoices and print checks with Express Accounts accounting software, now only $79.99 after a $50 price cut at  

Detailed Product Information

QuickBooks for Mac can easily organize your finances, identify ways to save money and manage your business better. Create invoices, track payments and manage expenses. Quickly access key customer, vendor & employee information all in one place so you know exactly where your business stands. Track every dollar that goes in and out of your business and spot and trim areas where money is being wasted. Stay on top of everything with the Company Snapshot, a real-time overview of your business and over 100 reports. All this and more to help manage your business with ease.  This software is compatible with Intel Mac computers running Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later. 

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