HP Universal Notebook Stand with Wireless Keyboard: $48

HP Universal Notebook Stand with Wireless Keyboard: $48

6ave.com’s Sick Deal of the Day is the Hewlett Packard Universal Notebook Stand with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (model no. NF757AA) priced at only $48. That makes it $51.99 off its MSRP of $99.99 and about $18 less than the next best price we have seen for this combo. FREE ground shipping is included and sales tax applies for residents of New York and New Jersey.

Onsale.com is still offering the more affordable Logitech Alto Notebook Stand with Wireless Keyboard for only $17.99, and has shipping rates starting at $13.72. Although the Logitech combo is the less expensive of the two it does lack the wireless mouse found in the featured product, and also only offers 3 USB ports while the HP combo offers four. Moving away from keyboard bundles, gaming fans might be interest in knowing Newegg.com has the Logitech G15 USB Wired Gaming Keyboard featured today as its Spotlight Deal. It has gone down in price from $89.99 to $64.99 after its mail-in-rebate and has FREE shipping included. Equip your gaming keyboard with the stylish Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouse that's currently listed at Amazon.com for the discounted price of $59.70 and includes FREE shipping.

Detailed Product Information

The Hewlett Packard Universal Notebook Stand is designed to elevate the Notebook PC to an upright 40-degree viewing angle, in order to enhance the viewing experience and minimize the distance between the screen and the user. It features four USB ports designed to handle everything from cameras to external storage devices, and is capable of charging the accessories while they are connected. Also included is an HP wireless keyboard and mouse and support for all HP Notebooks.

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