Homer Technology iViewer Wireless TV

Posted: 2651 days, 13 hours ago

Homer Technology iViewer Wireless TV
The Homer Technology iViewer Wireless TV (model no. HTM9000) is available at eCost.com for $9.99, even with the standard shipping fee of $10 this is still the lowest price we have seen anywhere. Sales tax applies for residents of California, Texas and Tennessee.

Detailed Product Information

Send signals wirelessly from devices such as an iPod, DVD player, camcorder, digital camera, PSP, and more to your TV or home theater.with the Homer Technology iViewer. Powered by a standard DC plug or four AAA batteries (not included). Included are a DC power adapter, USB cable, A/B switch, receiving antenna and shielding cable. Dimensions: (L) 135mm x (W) 20mm x (H) 95mm.

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