Holiday pricing on Blu-ray disks starting at $9.99

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Holiday pricing on Blu-ray disks starting at $9.99

Just in time for the Holiday's J& is offering a variety of Blu-ray disks starting at $9.99.  A range of titles are featured priced between $9.99 and $19.99.  Shipping rates start at $2.95 for a single disk.  Add $1 per additional disk.  Sales tax applies for residents of New York state. 

Click on "More Details" for a list of some featured titles, or click here for a complete list.

Detailed Product Information

  • Titles priced at $9.99 include: Terminator 2, The Punisher, Rambo and Stir of Echoes.


  • Titles priced at $11.99 include: Saw, Reservoir Dogs, Doctor Strange, Waiting..., and American Psycho.


  • Titles priced at $12.99 include: 50 First Dates, Hitch, A Knight's Tale, S.W.A.T., Identity, and Big Fish.


  • Titles priced at $14.99 include: Lord of War, Nacho Libre, Sleepy Hollow, Tomb Raider, and The Italian Job.


  • Titles priced at $16.99 include: RV, The Benchwarmers, Silent Hill, Ultraviolet and Click.


  • Titles priced at $19.99 include: Alien vs. Predator, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Pirates of the Carribbean and The Fantastic Four.

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