$53 off Verbatim wireless slim keyboard and mouse: $24

$53 off Verbatim wireless slim keyboard and mouse: $24

Buy.com this week has the Verbatim Wireless Slim keyboard with volume control and mouse (model no. 96666) on for $39.99, with rebates available that drop it down even more to $24.99. This makes it $53.01 less than its list price of $78, and is the lowest cost we have seen for this combo by about $22. FREE shipping is included and sales tax applies for residents of New York and California.

For the gamers out there Dell.com still has its Logitech G19 gaming USB keyboard which we found last week for its discounted price $169.99, and included FREE shipping. Although the featured product is wireless it is more of a beginner keyboard for those of you not looking for a lot of fancy features. It’s only had slight issues with connectivity, but its overall performance is well worth the low price tag. The G19 on the other hand offers highly customizable solution for people who tend to play a lot of online games. Priced much higher and not wireless it’s designed towards people who are serious about getting all they can from a keyboard. If you do go the way of the gaming keyboard equip it with the Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade optical USB mouse. Available at Compuvest.com for an open-boxed special of $27.55 with shipping rates starting at $10.96, the mouse offers up-to 8 usable buttons and on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment.  Now if you find yourself needing a basic wireless keyboard replacement but have an abundance of mice around your house, or visa versa, then why not avoid the extra clutter and simply purchase one device. Under those circumstances we offer you either the Microsoft media center wireless mini keyboard for $38.99 with shipping rates starting at $8.90, or the Microsoft wireless optical mouse 5000 for Mac and Windows which is priced at $14.99 with shipping rates starting at $8.32; both items are available at Mwave.com.

Detailed Product Information

The Verbatim Wireless Slim keyboard with volume control and mouse offers a 2.4GHz wireless connection through a plug-in receiver, a volume wheel so you can easily alter the sound, and internet browser controls that provide one-touch buttons for accessing favourites, refreshing the page, or returning to the home page. It works with any computer running Windows XP, 2000 or Vista. It is backed by a one-year standard warranty through the manufacturer. Dimensions: (H) 0.88” x (W) 6.25” x (D) 18.25”; weight 1lb.

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