3 pack of iSkins for $28 off list price

Posted: 2722 days, 9 hours ago

3 pack of iSkins for $28 off list price
Get not one, not two, but 3 iSkins in the iSkin Chill Pack (model no. N2G-CHI) at LAComputerCompany.com for an incredible price of $1.99. Set includes one clear one blue and one purple iSkin for iPod nano. Shipping is around 8 bucks bringing the total cost to around $10 which is still $10 less than the lowest price we have seen on this item. Sales tax applies for residents of California.

Detailed Product Information

The iSkin Chill Pack for the second generation iPod nano features dual-layer design in a single protective solution. Its silicone layer encapsulates the iPod nano protecting it against shock and surface damage, while its impact resistant VISORTM (Visually Intact Solid Optical Resin) screen and face protector does the rest. Combined, they seamlessly blend to create a barrier against dust, dirt and other damage.

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